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// 2015

concept 80 MANGUSTA

For the last 30 years CENTROSTILEDESIGN  has wanted to pay  tribute to one of the 10 most famous shipyards in the nautical world, the Overmarine shipyard founded in 1985, with a boat that has the presumption to anticipate and ascertain the measure of the union between sportiness, style and habitability.

This boat, without losing the sportiness that the shipyard has been so well-known for for many years, is characterized by a salon surrounded only by a glass panel completely free from uprights and foldable with a 270 degrees view of the sea! Its large convertible cockpit (for ergonomics) has absolutely nothing to fear in the face of competing with other modern and comfortable shuttles. The integration of the deckhouse with the hull matures the overall shape of the silhouette, emulating the automotive.


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