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// 2022



A classic line revised in a modern key, a symbol of the Italian Dolce Vita that has hosted iconic personalities from the entertainment world such as Brigitte Bardot and Peter Sellers, today redesigned by Centrostiledesign. The Bellagio offers visitors an aesthetic balanced between tradition and innovation. The new updated lines and the introduction of contemporary stylistic elements, including dynamic air intakes and hull windows, fit perefectly into the surprising new traditional layout. This will be launched as the new summer 2023 model.

// Technical data

Length 12,22 m

Beam 3,65 m


2 X 300 HP Volvo V8 CE/DPS 
2 X 350 HP Volvo V8 CE/DPS 
2 X 380 HP Volvo V8 CE/DPS 
2 X 430 HP Volvo V8 CE/DPS 
2 X 300 HP Volvo D4 A DPI 
2 X 320 HP Volvo D4 A DPI 

Cabine n.1 +Toilet 1

Displacement 8,50 t

People on board 10

Fuel tank 1080 l

Water tank 350 I

Draft 0,80 m


Project category B

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