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// 2017



The Sanlorenzo's customized interiors are strongly inspired by Pop Art and Street Art trends. The result is a surprising mix of graphic design, iconic objects and bright colors capable of enlivening every corner of the yacht.

The yacht has furnishings designed by Cassina, and cult elements and artwork by Tvboy, the famous artist known for his contemporary murals with a high communicative and provocative impact. Walls, spaces and floors of each room were blank canvases on which to model lines and colours, both in contrast and perfectly in line with the unique stylistic expression.

The obsessive search/research and attention to detail, enhanced by the connotation of each environment and important graphic structures, culminates in the texture of the floor and the sky specifically designed and custom created bespoke (for the customer).



// Technical data

Length overall 5,2 m

Beam overall 2 m 

Construction Height Planning Mode 1,4 m 

Construction Height Foiling Mode 1,9 m

Displacement Lightship 800 kg 

Displacement Full Load 1200 kg 

Max speed  36 kn

Persons capacity 4


Project category C

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