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// 2015

riva 88 florida

top kinematics

Spiritual successor of the Riva Bahamas, the 88’ Florida is a revolutionary yacht which perfectly blends an open and a coupé model into one single vessel.

The 88’ Florida features cutting-edge innovation with an exclusive Ferretti Group patent on this new project for the very first time. 


Convertible Top is the name of the innovative system, designed and developed by AYT&D in collaboration with the technical partners of the Group, Besenzoni Spa and Centrostiledesign. This touch of innovation  turns this model into a multifunctional yacht, “convertible” because it can be transformed into an open or a coupé with one single and easy movement. The convertible top offers three different solutions in one single system, due to its function for manoeuvring  the aerodynamic hard top into three different positions. 

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